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make getting to know everything about her your most important priority. Neglecting to do so on her birthday or other special occasion would be inexcusable. Always follow through with what you say you will do: Your word must be absolutely solid. If you feel like you might not be able to keep your promise, then tell her before you fuck up. Make her a priority: Yes your work is likely stressful and work days are probably long more often than not, but it only takes 10 seconds to send her a text to say something short and sweet. Learn about what kinds of things or services she needs help with in her life right now. Be bold: This is not the time to be passive, even if your nature is to be. Give her what she needs and wants: This is great advice so listen up… Hire a cleaning company to do it for her once a week. Provide for her financially so she doesn’t have to work then send her to the spa regularly for massages. If you say you will call her or text her every night before bed then make sure you do it. Don’t let long periods go by without reminding her how much she means to you. So basically speaking I had a “free house” and have decided to invite My friend over.On Saturday we were just chilling, watching some movies and eating a take-out.My hands and mouth were not as loyal as I did occasionally had some fun with My Female friends. She is a submissive lesbian and absolutely loves My strong and confident personality.During the weekend My boy-toy was put away and left alone tied in the basement.I will look over at my husband and ask him to come over to me.I want a comparison photo of his unfortunate white dick next to a huge black cock – god I love those photos!

I’ve brought this up before on my blog post ’17 ways to cuck your man’ and mentioned it in my interview for but today I want to let loose and really dive head first right into what exactly I want for this special occasion.I’m 30 years old this year and I’ve been cuckolding my now husband but then boyfriend for the past 10 years. I started young, not hard when you’re surrounded by so many lush black men in Cali.In my last year of high school, I noticed a distinct difference between the boys I had been dating at the time. And I’m not just talking about their cocks, well maybe I am!They will watch us take our vows and maybe even slip into a few of the photos with the bride and groom.After the ceremony they join us in our honeymoon suite and that’s when all the magic happens…

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  1. While an established literature has documented the nature and prevalence of traditional forms of Adolescent Dating Violence and Abuse (ADVA), less research has investigated the relevance of Electronic Communication Technology (ECT) such as mobile phones and communication tools via the Internet to ADVA and to psychological/emotional abuse and monitoring or controlling behaviors in particular.

  2. If you include details about your children or pictures of them in your dating profile, you’re exposing them as potential “dates” for a predator. Of course this is going to be reflected in your dating profile!