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Keep track of everything relating to the bullying incidents, emails/texts, including exact quotes (if possible), dates, times–.

Mark my words on this–I’m speaking from experience.Don’t take the easy way out by siding with the person who brings in more revenue to the organization, has the longer tenure, more strategic relationships, or the higher title.Or equally as bad, don’t throw up your hands and say, If there’s nothing you can do, then why are you there?Everything that you’ve read to this point was written by a former bullying victim.As a child growing up, I didn’t have the choice to quit.

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  1. In version 1.0, I'd unwittingly portrayed myself as a shiny object, in 2.0, an accommodating muse. I spent days working on a portrait of the real me–creative, ruminative, and hopeful. I shared my vision of the relationship I wanted ("We go slow..of the the best parts of dating in mid-life-ishness is getting to know each other's world-in-progress").