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How free a hand the Parthians permitted the Jews is perhaps best illustrated by the rise of the little Jewish robber-state in Nehardea (see Anilai and Asinai).Still more remarkable is the conversion of the king of Adiabene to Judaism.During the Maccabean revolt, these Judean descendants of the royal house had immigrated to Babylonia.With Alexander the Great's campaign, accurate information concerning the Jews in the East reached the western world.

The Babylonian Jews wanted to fight in common cause with their Judean brethren against Vespasian; but it was not until the Romans waged war under Trajan against Parthia that they made their hatred felt; so that it was in a great measure owing to the revolt of the Babylonian Jews that the Romans did not become masters of Babylonia too.Alexander's army contained numerous Jews who refused, from religious scruples, to take part in the reconstruction of the destroyed Belus temple in Babylon. 8); both the "Large" and the "Small Chronicle" contain references to him.The accession of Seleucus Nicator, 312 BC, to whose extensive empire Babylonia belonged, was accepted by the Jews and Syrians for many centuries as the commencement of a new era for reckoning time, called "minyan sheṭarot," æra contractuum, or era of contracts, which was also officially adopted by the Parthians. Nicator's foundation of a city, Seleucia, on the Tigris is mentioned by the Rabbis (Midr. The important victory which the Jews are said to have gained over the Galatians in Babylonia (II Macc. 20) must have happened under Seleucus Callinicus or under Antiochus III.Finally, five years later, Jeremiah records a third captivity.After the overthrow of Babylonia by the Persians, Cyrus gave the Jews permission to return to their native land (537 BC), and more than forty thousand are said to have availed themselves of the privilege.

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