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"The first time I saw them [practice] together, all of us said, ' That’s a match,'" Ladwig said."They are a very compatible team." Native Floridians Denney and Barrett have been known as strong technically and weak artistically, not surprising given their lack of time together.Earlier this week, Lara Annunziata finished fifth in intermediate girls and Lindsay Rosenberg 10th in novice girls. Their silver at Skate America was the first medal for a U. pair at a Grand Prix event since 2008."They came back from that completely different skaters. That was something you can't even teach," said John Zimmerman, who coaches the pair along with his wife Silvia Fontana (both former Olympians).Most intriguing is the ascension of Denney, 19, and Frazier, 22, to the upper echelon of U. The transformation for Denney and Frazier began last spring when they focused on elements of their performances that judging had indicated needed improving.

Chouinard is among more than 200 full-time members in the PFSC's elite skating program, with another 300 at the beginner level.

Mark Ladwig, 29, Evora’s skating partner since 2002, has been married for 3 1/2 years to a woman with an interior design degree who is working as a bartender at a Bradenton restaurant.

He and his wife, Janet, have a 4-month-old son, Holden.

"Stay warm." Evora is the daughter of Filipinos who came to the United States in 1972. The pair also had to do some birth-related planning, knowing Ladwig would be occupied at home in the days after his son arrived in Sept. "We trained really hard in June, July and August, because September was an 'if' month," Ladwig said. They were a dispirited fifth in Spokane, missing an Olympic berth that had seemed guaranteed to them.

Her mother and father, a chemical engineer, were living in Bahrain as her birth approached. "Then we geared back up." For either team, making the top eight at the Olympics would be a triumph. Just ask Keauna Mc Laughlin and Rockne Brubaker, who have slid inexorably backward since winning their first of consecutive U. "The stage we’re at right now, we’re still growing as a team, but I know in the future we’d like to be one of the top teams out there,’’ Barrett said.

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There may be more to come for the club based at the Ice Den with seven skaters competing in various levels at Greensboro, N. The senior pairs team of Haven Denney and Brandon Frazier have been tabbed as he favorites following a strong season that included a second-place finish at Skate America in October.

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